Vanilla and Lemurs

From Maroantsetra, to the first camp, 90 minutes on a river
with a metal boat, discovering the local way of life : rice fields, herons..

Easy walk .

We can still find primary forest in Farankaraina area.

Local porters carry luggages, camping equipement, foods..

A confirmed Guide manages the trek.On the arrival in the camp, everything is ready.

During the hike, people just have to take care about their camera and binoculars.Rivers are crossed by walking or with local pirogues.
The trail runs alongside the Indian Ocean .
The second day, walking on the beach becomes harder.
Sometimes we walk into primary forest, mainly during the last day walk
The hardest day is may be the 3rd one, because we have to climb on small rocks to reach the camp.

Everynight, Camping on the beach, close to clean water and not far from fishermen's village

The cook prepares complete meals everyday.

A plastic sheet is used agaisnt the sun and to keep the tents dry.

Shower and toilets are very basics.

At each camp the local community will received money to support their development.


At the end of the trek, a good bed is waiting for you at the chez AROL Eco-lodge